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Building Bodies

Three & Four year olds are building their knowledge of written language. They want to know what words in their environment say and can recognize many letters. in this stage, many children understand that letters represent the sounds in spoken words and may associate some letters with their sounds, They can count to "ten," recognize written numerals "0" to "9"

Brain Games

children naturally have great imaginations. Though they often start pretend play at younger ages, their imagination life really starts to take hold from age 3-4. They start to play cowboys; pretend they are superheroes or princesses, and start playing dress-up, besides being fun, imaginative play lets kids experiment with role playing.

Creative Arts

In exploring the creative arts, children this age can identify changes in pitch, tempo, loudness and musical duration. They can sing songs of their own creation as well as memorized ones. Their art begins to be more realistic and may incorporate letters. children love to dance and are able to move rhythmically and smoothly.

Making Friends

At this age children are becoming a more social creature, and now learning to share and cooperate. Here is when children play alongside each other rather than with each other and is beginning to actively engage with other children. Your child suddenly has to share toys, take turns, communicate clearly, and cooperate with other children

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